One Word

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I know, it’s weeks past the new year.

Although we celebrated the new year with a very fun kid’s party, I mostly ignore the new year.  I pretty much always have.  I’m not one for resolutions.  They always seem to me to be a list of things I’m going to fail at.  I’m optimistic like that.

But, this year, God began to speak to me about a focus for the year.  What one thing or verse or word or thought could I spend the entire year focused on?  Where do I even begin?

First, I knew I wanted something that was NOT.ABOUT.ME! My sinful flesh always wants to make everything about me.  And, I’m all for taking care of myself and having time that’s just for me, but all of life IS NOT about me.  I also wanted something that would apply to several areas of my life.  I wanted something I could apply to my walk with Christ, my marriage, parenting 3, my friendships, etc.

Then, when looking for a new devotional for 2014, I discovered Revealing Jesus by Darlene Zschech (can be found here).  Each day has a scripture and a short reading.  But these readings are profound and speak to me every day.  You can also find a 15 day sample plan on the You Version Bible app, if you would like to start there.

Through this devotional and my prayer time, God began to speak to me one word.  That word is intimacy.

I want an intimacy with God that I have not been walking in the past few years.  I will make no excuses.  I got lazy.  There.  I said it.  I still served God, prayed, and attended church but didn’t actively pursue a relationship with God.  I just didn’t make it a priority.

This year, it is my singular focus.  I will be intentional about building an intimate relationship with Jesus.  This requires time and a plan.  I will be sharing what my plan is in future posts.  I will also be sharing about how to increase and add depth to my relationships using this one word as well.

Have you used one word or thought as a focus for the year?  If you have one for this year, what is it?


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