What do we do with Santa??

santa with text used 12.2.13

I grew up believing in Santa, but my husband did not.  He was always told that the Santa that flew on a sleigh pulled by magical reindeer was not real.  And that his dad was Santa.  I, however, believed in Santa until I started Kindergarten, where I learned the truth.  I don’t remember being upset about learning the truth.  I actually don’t remember believing at all, but I know that I did.

Most kids believe in Santa until they start school, much like me.  But, with 3, we have always said, “Santa is a game we play at Christmas.”  This was enough to appease him.  He is a very literal kid.  In fact, when he was 4 years old, people at stores, doctor’s offices, and even church would ask if Santa was coming to his house.  He always said, “Um, no!”  People never knew what to say to that, so I just said, “We don’t really do Santa at our house.”  They then looked at me like I had 2 heads, but accepted that explanation.

This year, he has been a part of a Friday morning only Kindergarten class for homeschoolers.  One of his friends, a pretty girl :-), told him Santa is real and brings good kids presents.  He told me he believes her, instead of me.  I know he knows the truth, but WANTS to believe.  So, how do we handle this?

The most important thing to us is that 3 knows and understands the REAL meaning of Christmas.  I want his focus (and ours) to stay on Christ during this time.  Not gifts, or stuff, or Santa, or anything else.  I also want him to be a kid and enjoy the fun parts of Christmas.  We think Santa can be a part of the fun stuff, and Christ remain the focus.  I just didn’t know HOW to go about it.  Until I read this wonderful blog post.  Go ahead and hop over and read it.  I will wait!!

Yes, this is the perfect answer.  We will tell him that Santa is not real, but that it is fun to PRETEND that he is.  We can do all the fun things, but know the truth.  And keep our focus on the truth.

I wanted some tools to help me keep our focus as a family on Christ and, at the same time, added some fun!!  Is that too much to ask?  I love the fun the Elf of the Shelf adds to the season, but it puts the focus back on Santa, not Christ.  So, I searched to see if there were any Christian alternatives.  What I found is The Christmas Angel.

This year, they have a girl angel and a boy angel.  We bought the boy angel and 3 named him “Wings.”  He appeared this morning with his book, a letter and a mission for today.  Here is a picture of what we found this morning!

day one Christmas angel

The letter reads:


I am the Christmas Angel.  I will be visiting your family this Christmas.  Each morning, you will have to find me and see what fun activities I have planned for you and your family!!

Today, I need you to give me a name!  Please read the book all about me.

Then, read the book Too Many Toys by David Shannon with your mom.  Then, use this bag to collect some toys to give to some kiddos that don’t have many toys for Christmas.  Jesus will be so pleased with your giving!

See you tomorrow!!

I checked out the book mentioned from the library in advance.  Tonight, we will choose toys to donate and tomorrow we will donate them.  This is the first of many giving activities we will be doing leading up to Christmas.

The other tool I found is The Truth in the Tinsel (this is my affiliate link).  Starting tomorrow, our angel will deliver the supplies and instructions from this wonderful advent program.  There are scriptures to read, an ornament to make and ideas to discuss.  The ebook is only $7.99 and is used year after year!  It’s a wonderful deal and the perfect way to keep our eyes on Christ.

This is how we have decided to handle the “Santa issue” at our house.  What do you do with Santa?

Image courtesy of [stockimages] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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