7 Stages of Grief…. Infertilty style

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I had no idea the effect of simply writing what I was feeling 2 days ago would have on me.  I have never been much of a writer, let alone about something so deeply personal.  But, it was very cathartic.  I was thinking about my post in relation to the traditional seven stages of grief.  Here they are according to recover-from-grief.com:

  1. Shock & Denial
  2. Pain & Guilt
  3. Anger & Bargaining
  4. Depression & Reflection
  5. The Upward Turn
  6. Reconstruction & Working through
  7. Acceptance & Hope

As I pondered each of these, I realized that I had gone through each step many times in these past 18 years.  Sometimes monthly.  Especially after my miscarriage.

So, over the next 2 weeks, as part of my pledge to embrace my grief, I will be doing a series on what these 7 steps have looked like in my life in regards to infertility and hopefully in the lives of others as well.

If you know someone who is going through infertility, encourage them to read these.  I hope they will be a blessing.

In Christ.

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