Feet off the Floor

3 doesn’t take naps anymore. I know. It’s a sad day!

BUT, I still NEED that time when he used to nap!!! What to do?? I saw lots of ideas for a “quiet time”, but knew this would be a battle with 3. It sounds too much like nap time. And, as he tells me quite vocally, “I don’t WANT to take a nap!!”

When I read the term “Feet off the Floor” time (I don’t remember where), it instantly clicked with me! The rules are simple. You can play quietly with anything listed on your chart, as long as you are “feet off the floor.” No running around, no jumping on the bed, etc. You may NOT leave your room for any reason except to use the bathroom (he went 4 times in an hour the 1st day! LOL).

And, do you know what??? He LOVES it!! Having a rough morning, I just have to threaten to replace Feet off the Floor with a nap, and he changes his tune. If he doesn’t (like today), he takes a nap.

I made a simple chart using pictures of his toys I thought he could play quietly with and hung it in his room. His choices are: trains, cars, Mr. Potato Head, Legos, Reading, Puzzles and SLEEPING. (I doubt he will choose to sleep, but it’s on there anyway!!)  Your child might need different choices!

Overall, I love it too. I still get one hour of uninterrupted time and he still gets some quiet down time he needs!


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