Wisdom from Mater

Hubby had a business trip this week and 3 and I decided to tag along. Swimming in the hotel pool, eating sweets for breakfast, lounging around all day playing, etc… Sounded like a great plan.

However, I forgot one very important thing. 3 does not deal with change well. In fact, he thrives on routine, order, and familiar surroundings. So, as you can imagine, this week did not go exactly as planned. Instead there was fit throwing, crying and lots of snuggling. And movies. Well, one movie over and over again.

3 has been OBSESSED with Cars 2 since getting it for his Gotcha Day. We have probably seen it hundreds dozens of times. (I know there is controversy about the overall message, but I digress…)

There is a point at the end of the movie (spoiler alert!) where Mater says, “It was you leaking oil at the party in Japan not me.” Sir Axelrod responds, “Electric cars don’t use oil, you twit!” Then Mater says something that has been rolling around in my mind all week. He says, “Then you’re faking it. You didn’t switch to no electric engine.”

Tonight the Lord showed me why those words have stuck in my mind (in Mater’s voice, no less!). Matthew 7:16 says, “And you shall know them by their fruit.” It is much the same thing. Mater KNEW Sir Axelrod was faking because there was EVIDENCE.

I pretend sometimes (like when planning this trip) that everything is completely fine and 3 will not struggle a bit. But the EVIDENCE says otherwise.

More importantly, what does my fruit from this week say about me as a mother and Christ follower? Did I always respond with patience
and snuggles? No. In fact, I was so frustrated one day I sent 3 with Daddy to the park and I sulked in the hotel room alone. Although there is nothing wrong with needing alone time, trust me, my attitude was bad. Very stinky fruit.

If my primary goal is to model Christ to 3 and teach him His ways, I cannot choose stinky fruit. Will I make mistakes? Obviously! But I need to be more intentional about recognizing what fruit I am setting before my son and others.

How do I do that? First, I need to make sure I am digging into the Word daily. I have neglected being at all consistent in that these last few weeks. Second, prayer over 3 and his Daddy, but also over my own struggles and weaknesses. Thirdly, I need to plan better. I should have planned the days of this trip better, especially breakfast foods.

Thankfully, our God is gracious and His mercies are new every morning.


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